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Best Penny Stocks: Need to Meet Necessary Criteria

Penny Stock trading can be greatly worthwhile and you need to keep the fact in your mind that all of them are not on equal level. If you are thinking about making investments, it should be a wise decision and the companies you choose for investment should meet certain criteria in your personalized research. Penny Stocks can be a great option to make low investments and beginning with your stock investments. It can even give you a bad experience, but the probability is low if you make the wise decision by choosing the companies meeting certain mandatory criteria.

Teacup Pig Cost

Teacup pigs, also known as “miniature pigs” or “potbellied pigs,” are normally smaller in size and can grow up to 200 pounds in weight. Although the mini pigs are small in size when they are young, but they do not stay tiny forever. Lifespan of Potbellied pigs is between 5 to 20 years.

Common costs:

    • There are many of teacup pig breeders who promote pigs with various names like miniature, micro, nano, mini or teacup. Some breeders claim that pigs won’t grow big after a certain size, but you cannot rely on them. You can see the pictures of these newborn piglets advertised by some breeders as 2-4 months old. Cost of these advertised pigs ranges between $1700-$3,500, and some of breeders can ask for deposit of   $100-$250 on the piglets.
    •  There are some professional potbellied organizations that can help in finding reputed breeders. You can get pot-bellied pigs for $100-$300 and breeders will provide registration, vaccination records. Breeders usually invest time to get around with pig, habituating them with human communication and provides potty-training.
    • You can adopt mini pigs from Rescue groups like Pig sanctuaries in lesser cost than breeders. Some of the rescue groups working as nonprofit organizations and charge reasonable adoption cost around $100 for adults and $150 for piglets.
    • Potbellied pigs should be spayed or neutered before adopting as pets; otherwise they may have both smelling and behavioral issues. Mini pigs can start breeding at 3 months of age so neutering is must. Neutering or spaying a potbellied pig can costs you around $300-$500.
    • Cost of caring and feeding of a miniature pig can be around $20-$60 per month, you can buy a variety of pig feed particularly made for teacup pigs.
  • Medical checkups and annual vaccinations of pet pigs cost around $100-$300.




The stocks of the companies having penny stocks floated are lesser than $5 per share. There are certain things to consider for the right investor:

Best penny stocks have a consistent trading volume. The stocks with poor volume distribution or showing immediate selling of bulk shares might not be suitable option for you. Lower volume of stocks can be easy to manipulate by traders. Smart investors make attempts to find out the volume of shares purchased/ sold by investors.

Best Penny Stocks: Need to Meet Necessary Criteria

There are regular news feeds floated about various new companies on web and offline newspapers. You have to keep in touch with these details about the companies and positive news will act as catalyst for making investments. Positive news will make a significant increase in your chances to get higher earnings.

Don’t wait too much for selling the stocks as being greedy can be dangerous for investors. You can find the reasonable profits and sell off the shares to earn better ROI. Active traders keep a full check over the stock values and buy/ sell the shares on significant prices.

There are different pressure points for investors and they need to make selection for the most preferred stocks for investment. There are variations in stock prices and you will be pushed to get ahead with the most lucrative stocks.